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Screen Printing

Fancy getting inky fingers? Try our Screen Printing Day workshop. Or if you want to learn more than just the basics you could try a Screen Printing Short Course. We also hold workshops in which you can design, make and screen print a product like T-shirts or Lampshades.

Workshop Screenprint Luma Studio London Workshops

Intaglio Printing

In these one day workshops you’ll learn how to create Dry point, a form of Intglio printing that doesn’t use acids to etch the plate. We’ll take you through the whole process in this hands-on workshop; you’ll make your own plates, ink-up and then use the press to print a small edition to take away with you.

Workshops Intaglio Luma Studio London02 Workshops

Book Binding

In the Introduction to Book Binding Workshops you’ll get to explore the principles and approaches of Book binding by making several different books to take home with you. We’ll also give you details of where to buy book binding materials and tools so that you can continue making books at home.

Workshop Book Binding Luma Studio London01 Workshops

Lino Printing

In the Lino Printing Workshops we take you through designing, cutting and printing your own edition. Or you could try one of our Card Making workshops in which you can print and make cards using our relief press and creasing machine.

Workshop Lino Luma Studio London03 Workshops
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